About Us

Our Brand

At A Hand Tailored Suit, we create & cut custom-made bespoke garments for Men, Women & Children. Whether it be weddings, communions, business or casual wear. With a selection of luxurious cloths from only the finest of cloth merchants from Dormeuil , Vitale Barberis, Batman & Ogden not to mention Porter & Harding, Harrison’s of Edinburgh & Loro Piana and many more. Our work ethos is of ¬†high client satisfaction & customer loyalty. Once you have a hand tailored suit, you will never want to buy off the peg again.

Our Concept

Imagine having a shop full of garments that fit only you in the style & colour you want them. Imagine a shop that keeps your unique body pattern on file, affording you to pop in when you wish or order online when you want to. Imagine being able to buy multiple garments that fit perfectly, that you enjoy wearing day in day out. Imagine booking a free personal appointment at that shop to guarantee only the best advice from their expert style consultant. Now imagine streamlining all that & offering only the finest of cloths from only the finest of cloth merchants from around the world at affordable pricing. Now what are you waiting for? You can find us in Ireland & the UK.

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