Hello 007.

You really have a way of causing an international incident and as your newly appointed M, I must remind you we are already overwhelmed with a change to MI6. The merger with MI5 to form the Joint Intelligence Service, ran by Max Denbigh, will bring an end for you as a Double-0 and the entire programme will be terminated if the “Nine Eyes” system is approved.

From what I have heard 007, my predecessor ordered you to find Marco Sciarra in Mexico City and kill him. He was part of a much bigger scheme.

The Mission

The funeral of Sciarra is taking place in Rome. Travel there and find his wife, Lucia. She knows of her husband’s employment and secrets, and as you used your license to kill him (unauthorised 007), she is now in danger. She will inform you of a meeting occurring in Rome to find Sciarra’s replacement. As you overheard in Mexico, Sciarra was assigned to kill the “Pale King”. Intel suggests this is an old friend of yours, Mr. White. His last known location was in Austria. Find him before Sciarra’s replacement does. It seems Mr. White and the organisation Sciarra worked for came to a disagreement and White does not have long left. He has a daughter, Madeleine Swann. She works at the Hoffler Klinik in Austria. 007, they will be after her too. Keep her protected. She is aware of her father’s work and L’Américain, where it appears he was after the head of this organisation. I warn you 007, the head of this organisation is Franz Obenhauser. Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene, Mr. White and Silva are all linked back to him: the head of SPECTRE. We believe SPECTRE funded the New World Order’s “Nine Eyes” programme and any countries who disagreed with the system, SPECTRE ensured they would agree to it. It’s a scare tactic, convincing them why “Nine Eyes” should be set in motion. Max Denbigh (or C as you call him) is someone we cannot trust.

Your mission: Unconfirmed reports suggest Obenhauser’s base is located in the North African desert. I will deal with C in London, and with absolute pleasure. Obenhauser will be expecting you, Bond. He has unfinished business, but you must resolve this brotherly dispute and stop him. Stop him and “Nine Eyes” and SPECTRE will not gain global control.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

This mission will be taking you to a few places 007, so observe closely:

1) Black Overcoat

You’re attending a funeral 007, so you need to be respectful. This eight-button double-breasted overcoat with wide peak lapels and thin pockets sitting just below the waist is appropriate. Underneath will be your three-piece peaked lapel herringbone black suit. Your black check tie will show as your this will be exposed, along with your sharp collar on the shirt and the finishing touch of the collar pin. You’re showing your respect, but also showing you mean business on this mission Bond in this sharp attire.

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2) Suiting Options

Your first choice for travel to Obenhauser’s desert base, and we’re going back to the old days with this choice: a white dinner jacket, styled with sharp peak lapels and matching fabric buttons on the cuffs and front. The thin double jet pockets show evening class, whilst the slight curved jacket hem completes the item perfectly. Your black tailored trousers match your pointed bow tie as the red boutonnière highlights the romance of an evening meal.

When you and Swann arrive in the desert, this tan ensemble shall suffice. The linen jacket includes dark brown buttons to match the knitted brown tie and your chinos accessorised with a woven brown belt.

3) Dress For The Cold

More than one coat is needed 007, particularly for your visit to Austria, and you won’t disapprove of course. One style is a black puffer coat with vertical metallic zipped pockets and high neck. The back and sleeves are ribbed whilst your trousers are pleated at the thigh and include side pockets with a button fastening: purposeful and practical.

Your other coat is a navy blue cashmere piece also fastened with a metallic zip. The fastening includes buttons behind it for extra security, with large flapped pockets for practicality. Underneath is a light grey roll neck chunky knit jumper, the neck disguised by the coat’s high collar, all to keep you warm as possible in the winter climate, but giving the cold shoulder to those who deserve it.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


SPECTRE must not win again 007. Here’s who you should look for:

Dr. Madeleine Swann

Daughter of Mr. White who knows he was linked to SPECTRE. As you find her at the Austrian clinic, she will be wearing smart business attire. Her grey tailored jacket includes double jet pockets but a more modern style, designed with no obvious lapels or button fastening. Its lines are sharp on the centre front and hem, as she styles it with a sleeveless black bow blouse and cut crease black trousers for a professional look.

Franz Obenhauser

Or he prefers to be called, Ernst Stavro Blofield, taking his mother’s name. He was reported dead alongside your father in the avalanche all those years ago, like you believed, but we shall see he is very much alive. His style appears to be minimal, but sharp where it needs to be. You may see him at his desert base wearing a navy Nehru jacket with only one button underneath the band collar. Contrasting double jet pockets and a 4-button cuff are noted, worn over a navy shirt with a band collar and grey trousers, tailored adequately.

Lucia Sciarra

Attending her husband’s funeral, she will be wearing all black and a Merry Widow veil hat. Her coat is tailored, similar to the 1950’s silhouette, fitted at the waist and longer at the back in a subtle peplum shape. The shawl collar is wide, smaller in width as it reaches the three-button front and angled double jet pockets level, with the bottom button. It will be worn over a black dress, knee-length and has lace panels on the back.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Whilst Q-Branch work on repairing your beloved Aston Martin DB5 007, I’ve had my direct order from M to insert a microchip into your bloodstream: we call it “Smart Blood”. We can track wherever you are in the world. Whilst it may be in its experimental phase and experience a few issues within…two days of it inserted, here are your other gadgets I want you to return in one piece:

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Your admiration for our watches flatters us, but that does not mean you should break every one. This OMEGA Seamaster model is modest, but set a timer and it can be used as a detonator. Certainly a loud alarm.

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Unfortunately this Aston Martin DB10 model is assigned to 009, but I can see how you are admiring it: completely bulletproof, ejector seat of course included, and with extra fire power from the exhaust. A beautiful design.

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Not from Q-Branch, but the ring you grabbed from Sciarra will reveal all of the secrets belonging to the organisation he worked for, belonging to SPECTRE. Don’t misplace it.


Once “Nine Eyes” is in motion, C will be monitoring everything we do. I will have to ask Q and Moneypenny to delete all the “Smart Blood” files. After that, you are on your own.

We’re pushed for time 007. “Nine Eyes” must not go live as this will give SPECTRE full control. Obenhauser blames you for his jealousy, but don’t let him remind you of the past he set to destroy. Don’t let him win. Let’s show him and C why being a double-0 agent means more than having a license to kill. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.