Here at A Hand Tailored Suit, our suits are made using horse hair canvas. Horse hair canvas is a traditional technique used to achieve the perfect hanging suit that will always be a cut above the rest. Fear not animal lovers, the horse hair in question is simply the tail brushings from horses and it is in no way harmful to the horse – think of it like getting wool from a sheep. This naturally dense and sturdy hair is used as a layer between your suiting fabric to leave your suit both sharp and supple for a comfortable fit and impeccable look.

Many of our clients are interested in knowing as to just how a suit from A Hand Tailored Suit can fit them so well, be comfortable and practical to wear and also be stylish to boot. Understanding the horse hair canvas technique goes a long way to explaining this. It is a subtle but substantial detail that is akin to the difference between bespoke and off-the-shelf. You will see from the pictures that the individual strands that comprise of the canvas are quite thin and inconspicuous. Yet their use is detrimental to a well-made bespoke suit.

Using a horse hair canvas is a traditional technique that still finds favour today as it cannot be replicated by machine or off-the-shelf suit construction styles. Its use means that your suiting garments are held neatly in place by the hanging of this canvas beneath the layers of fabric that are used in making you suit. The result of this means that your suit always hangs correctly and even suits cut from a thin fabric have a solid and water repellent structure to them.

The tailors at A Hand Tailored Suit utilise this canvas as it is with keeping in the design of the best suits and suiting garments possible. With the customisable options available to you at A Hand Tailored Suit; you may find that if you want a thicker or more sturdier lapel for your blazer or waistcoat, a horse hair canvas is the perfect solution. True bespoke comes with horse hair canvas because true bespoke is found at A Hand Tailored Suit.