There you are, Bond.

This isn’t the first time you’ve made yourself welcome in my home, uninvited. What happened in Istanbul is the perfect way out of this business, a chance to retire with everyone thinking you’re dead. Clearly you saw what happened to MI6: the blast came directly from my office. That’s why you’ve returned. We need you, and it seems you have been declared fit for service once more, by a very fine margin. Ready to get back to work 007?

The Mission

We’ve traced the bullet back to the man who shot you in Istanbul: he’s called Patrice. Intel reports he will be in Shanghai hired to take out his next target. Follow him and find out who he works for. His reward for the job is a casino chip he can cash in Macau. Head there to cash in the chip yourself and see who his employer was. Intel believes you will meet a woman there who goes by the name of Sévérine. She is waiting to see who redeems the chip. Keep in mind 007, her employer is the one who supplied the chip and she could be in danger. Her employer is responsible for leaking our MI6 agents’ names online from the stolen hard drive, responsible for the blast in MI6, responsible for hacking into my laptop. His name is Raoul Silva, formally known as Tiago Rodriguez. He was a former MI6 agent, but he applied his skills beyond his mission and hacking where he shouldn’t, so I handed him over to the Chinese government. He’s a cyber-terrorist 007. We must bring him in. I already have the pressure of the new chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament, Mallory, to retire, given the situation we face ourselves in. You assume Silva has planned this years in the making. Whatever he plans next, we must stop him. Like you said, we have to get ahead.

Your mission: Find Silva and retrieve the hard drive with the list of all our agents. He plans to release five new names each week, blowing their cover. Silva has a personal vendetta against me 007, he’s asked me to think on my sins. We have to stop him, Bond.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

Your new mission wardrobe, Bond:

1) Shanghai Attire

As you await Patrice in Shanghai, you have a black V-neck knit to be worn over a standard white smart shirt with a classic collar and black tie. Wear with grey trousers for a subtle ensemble. When you pursue Patrice, a dark navy double-breasted pea coat with wide lapels and flapped pockets shall suffice. It has a six-button front.

2) Dinner Jacket

As you have seen already, the casino attire is a two-piece midnight blue suit with a black shawl collar. The collar and double jet pockets match with the contrast collar, along with a single button on the front and 2-button cuffs. The shirt is a white twill, double cuff and the matching bow tie. Your trousers are a tailored cut, finished with the satin stripe down the sides and a black cummerbund.

3) Standard Suiting

You shall particularly love the feel of a wearing a tailored suit again 007, especially with this charcoal grey two-piece with a light grey pinstripe design. Both flapped and the welt pocket are perfectly pattern-matched, with notch lapels sitting well on the chest. A round hem is the finish for the jacket, whilst you have a two-button front and a third buttonhole at the bottom of the lapel. The trousers include a subtle front crease, whilst the jacket cuffs are fastened with two buttons, leaving a third buttonhole free. Wear with a sky blue shirt and navy patterned tie.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


Your encounters for this mission:

Raoul Silva

Also known as Tiago Rodriguez, a former MI6 agent. When you first meet him, he may wear a three-piece suit consisting of a brown waistcoat and trousers with a beige blazer over the top. The waistcoat is a five-button style with a notched hem and thin flapped pockets. The blazer is a two-button front with flapped pockets sitting on a slight angle. A buttonhole is on the left notch lapel, the hem is curved and the cuffs finished with four brown buttons. His shirt is vintage in colour, worn open collar which is sitting flat behind the folded collar on the waistcoat.


She is waiting to see who cashes in the chip 007. She will take you to Silva, a encounter you shouldn’t miss. At the casino, she will wear a black gown with sheer sleeves and a low-cut sheer back. The dress is easily defined through the delicate embroidery that features. The front is made with a sweetheart neckline and two sheer panels down the sides. Extra embellishment edges the sheer panels including the sleeve cuffs.


Mallory will be around more 007, so you shall have to get accustomed to him. When you first meet him at our new headquarters, he will be wearing a sharp three-piece navy suit with a royal blue pinstripe design. His waistcoat has no lapels and a six-button front. He sports a notch lapel jacket with a pattern-matched angled welt pocket. His shirt of choice a mid-blue with a classic collar, and a wide navy tie with a micro square pattern on it. He will always be sharply dressed 007.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Hello 007, I am your new Quartermaster. I know I am younger than you but don’t underestimate how much I can achieve during a few hours whilst you are in the field for much longer than that. Now, here is what I am assigning you:

Your beloved Walther PPK, Bond. The gun grip contains a micro-dermal sensor that is coded only to your palm 007, so no-one can use it should you lose your weapon in a slight scuffle. Consider it 007’s personal statement, and sometimes the simplest of tricks 007 are the most effective I find, so here you also have a standard radio transmitter. Press the button and we can track your location.

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The latest models from Q-Branch can be tracked, which is why your beloved Aston Martin DB5 makes the perfect escape car should you need it. It still includes retractable gun turrets in the headlights of course. It’s in storage though Bond, along with everything else from your flat. Need I remind you like my predecessors, to return everything in one piece.


If we defeat Silva and retrieve the hard drive, then I know I have done something right. Being encouraged to retire is something I shall never do until the job is done. Get Q to assign a trail of breadcrumbs for Silva to follow. Silva will soon see where it all started for you: Skyfall.

Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

I have full faith in you 007.