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Bespoke Overcoats


CUSTOM MADE OVERCOATS Now that the temperature has begun to fall, it’s time to bring out your custom made overcoat what sort of style would you wear? Can it
Wedding Suits

Five Essential Colours For 2021

Five Essential Colours For 2021 Colours can come in and go out very quickly, but there is always a safe collection of colours that work fantastically well in each season. Now summers end is on the horizon, we want to show you what colours you should be introducing
Bespoke, Contrasting Waistcoats


CONTRASTING WAISTCOATS Bespoke custom made at “A Hand Tailored Suit” it’s just like having the world at your fingertips, ever wondered what it’d be like to
Wedding Suits


Here at “A HAND TAILORED SUIT” we keep an eye on the fashion trends and there is one color which is the envy of
Communion Suits


COMMUNION SUIT STYLES AT A HAND TAILORED SUIT  Here at A Hand Tailored Suit, we’ve seen a lot of young guy’s visit our studios to receive their very special Communion suit designed and created as a one off.  We’re seeing some popular styles this season designing
Wedding Suits

Custom Made Wedding Suits

We have a custom made petrol blue cashmere + wool flannel two piece suit designed with peaked lapels, It has a two button fastening front with straight
Ladies Tailoring

Ladies – what suiting style do you fit into? Take our Quick Quiz

Ladies – what suiting style do you fit into? Take our Quick Quiz Knowing that taste and fashion is wholly individual; we also know
Wedding Suits

Wedding Suit Colors Green and Teal 2021/2022

Wedding Suit Colors Green and Teal Here at “A Hand Tailored Suit” we have nearly every color of cloth you could think of! Image above is a pure
Wedding Suits

Pink Suits and Jackets

When looking for that extra something special why not try a pink pure wool suit. This is the color which is on trend right now! Great for the summer months casual
Wedding Suits

What are you wearing for your wedding?

What are you wearing for your wedding? Congratulations! You are engaged and soon to be married. While your venue may have been decided upon, and the bridesmaid colors are selected (and no doubts the bride(s) is wearing a wedding dress this has been selected and already
Bespoke, Celebrity Style, Ladies Tailoring

Ladies Velvet Jackets & Suiting

This is the time of year where we tend to get commissioned to form variety of women’s velvet jackets and suits in choice of spirited colors, take a glance through a number of the pictures below for a few inspiration.
Wedding Suits

Contrasting Shawl Lapels

Above is a stunning cashmere flannel three piece suit with black satin shawl lapel. The jacket has straight flapped pockets with the jetting around the all the pockets also in

Bespoke Evening Wear

What style are you sporting this year? we’ve taken a glance at a few of examples below, first up a stunning three piece single button low cut jacket with a deep shawl lapel, black wool evening suit worn by David Gandy, with black satin
Black Tie Evening Wear

Black Tie Wedding Attire…

Black Tie Wedding Attire… We take a look at a couple of stunning examples of bespoke evening wear, starting from above David Gandy wearing a jet black

Gift Vouchers for A Hand Tailored Suit

As Valentine’s day approaches, have you considered handmade gift vouchers for A Hand Tailored Suit? This is an ideal present for those who appreciate their garments and know the value of a bespoke suit, shirt, overcoat or skirt etc.
Wedding Suits

Summer Wedding Colors Plus Style Inspiration 2020

Summer Wedding Colors Plus Style Inspiration 2020 Here at “A Hand Tailored Suit” it is all about the bespoke match and the small details in case your
Celebrity Style

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Dwayne Johnson now this is a person who knows how to make an impression, he certainly has a great tailor, impeccably dressed head to toe in bespoke attire. With
Bespoke Tweed, Wedding Suits

Tweed Suiting Colours 2021

Tweed Suiting Colours 2021 Bespoke tailors “A Hand Tailored Suit”  have a vast array of coloured tweed cloths, from olive, green, beige, brown, light grey, med grey, dark grey, light blue, mid blue and navy, our selection of tweeds are from some of the worlds finest
Celebrity Style

Summer Linen Colours 2019

Summer Linen Colours 2019 Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.
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Ryan Gosling Bespoke Suiting Styles

Ryan Gosling Bespoke Suiting Styles We take a look at Ryan’s Bespoke suiting colours and styles his always dressed to perfection! Dressed below in a stunning medium grey tweed Herringbone three piece bespoke suit. Single breasted two button jacket and five
Bespoke Process


Here at A Hand Tailored Suit, our suits are made using horse hair canvas. Horse hair canvas is a traditional technique used to achieve the perfect hanging suit that will

BESPOKE BENEFITS By A Hand Tailored Suit

If you are looking to step into the bespoke world, look no further than the home of authentic bespoke tailoring & the benefit of having
Bespoke, Contrasting Waistcoats, Wedding Suits

New 2018 English Flannels

New 2018 Flannels Here at “A Hand Tailored Suit” We have taken delivery of some amazing new flannels cloths these are best you can find the quality and vibrant colours are stunning  Green, Olive, Maroon, Sage, Beige, Rust, Purple just to name a few.
Celebrity Style

Style Icon Jude Law

Style Icon Jude Law Jude Law has been cast as Albus Dumbledorein the Fantastic Beasts film series, as Walter Lawson / Mar-Vell in the 2019 Marvel Studios film Captain Marvel. Above his wearing single breasted
Celebrity Style

The Graham Norton Show Mission in Possible

  The Graham Norton Show Mission in Possible   The Graham Norton show was full of bespoke suits last night, Tom Cruise was wearing a stunning fitted bespoke